Filter or no filter for Pluggerz Sleep and Water earplugs?

Pluggerz earplugs Water Custom-Fit are hearing protectors that prevent water from entering your ear canal through your ears. They are suitable when you experience ear pain upon contact with water during swimming or showering. The earplugs are also applicable with ear tubes, chronic middle ear infection or inflammation of the ear canal.

Pluggerz Sleep Custom-Fit ensure a more quiet sleep and therefore a good night's rest.

We often get asked if it is better to order these products without filters. A common assumption is that a filter in Water earplugs lets water run past the filter and that with Sleep earplugs, no filter attenuates more because the ear canal is fully closed off. However, this is not the case. The small cylindrical filters in Pluggerz Sleep and Water products provide ventilation, so the earplugs do not swelter in the ear (which can cause irritation). The filter prevents a 'closed off' feeling, a kind of pressure or vacuum on the ears. Also, the filter of the Water Custom-Fit is incorporated in the earplug and therefore doesn't let water go through.

With the Sleep Custom-Fit the difference in attenuation when using a filter or no filter is so minimal (1 dB). The most important thing is the experience when wearing earplugs. When Sleep earplugs are used without a filter, the surroundings sound muffled than with a filter. This often leads to the conclusion that the earplugs without filter attenuate a lot more. However, not using a filter closes off the ear entirely, creating an occlusion effect which actually makes the wearer hear their own heartbeat louder (for instance).

We advise to always order Pluggerz Custom-Fit with a filter so that there is sufficient ventilation and less swelting in the ears, but also to prevent the earplugs from drawing a vacuum.

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