About Pluggerz

Noise is everywhere. Often we enjoy it, but sometimes it is simply too loud, bothersome, or not distinct enough. Control over our exposure to noise and its intensity is therefore important. Your hearing is precious, so you should take good care of it.

Pluggerz guarantees high-quality earplugs for use at home and at work. Customised hearing protection for the perfect fit, as well as high-quality standard earplugs, Pluggerz Uni-Fit. These universal earplugs with unique filters attenuate noise to the desired level, while effective communication still remains possible. Pluggerz has the ideal earplug for any activity or situation, from motorcycle riding, travelling and DIY, to making music, going out, attending festivals, reading books in silence, and sleeping undisturbed.

Sustainability & involvement

To begin with, our products are aimed at the sustainable preservation and improvement of hearing, but it does not stop there. In this way we welcome deaf, hard of hearing and other employees with a distance to the labor market with open arms in our organization and they are given ample and equal opportunities to develop.

To make people aware of the consequences of hearing damage, we provide free information on the prevention of hearing damage due to loud noise at festivals and other events. In addition, we annually inform thousands of professionals about the dangers of hearing damage in the workplace.

Our ambition is to operate fully circular by the end of 2021. That means no waste, no emissions and optimal reuse of materials.

In 2020, our parent company Comfoor was nominated for the King Willem I prize in the SME category.

Sustainable solutions

  • Separation of paper, plastic, biowaste and residual waste
  • Cars with green energy label
  • Reducing paper usage
  • Compensation of CO2 emissions
  • Use of 100% green energy
  • Packaging material standard and customized products fully recyclable