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Apple's AirPods Pro are one of the most popular in-ear music earbuds, made for maximum freedom of movement and high sound quality. For many people the fit of the AirPods Pro is fine, but what if they don't fit comfortably or even fall out of your ears? 


This product offers a perfect fit in the ear canal and takes full advantage of the features and performance of the AirPods Pro. Pluggerz Fit is made from antiallergic silicone material and is easy to click on the AirPods (and remove to charge the AirPods).

Advantages of the Pluggerz Fit: 

  • The fit makes sure the AirPods stay in the ears; 
  • They are easy to click on the AirPods and are invisible from the outside; 
  • Ideal for working out, on the road and working at home;
  • The volume of the music doesn't have to be too loud because of the perfect seal;
  • They take full advantage of the features and performance of the AirPods Pro; 
  • Available in 20 colours.

(Please note: this custom made product is only suitable for the AirPods Pro. Do you have AirPods, AirPods 2 or EarPods? Then you need AirPods Sleeves!) 

This product requires your in ear impressions. Price includes an appointment at an Audiologist near you. Once your order is received we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.